Sunday letters

Sunday letters

Separated they fall in the BJP today
In his article Is BJP prepared for 2014? (The Issue on everyone’s mind, May 13), Shekhar Iyer features the vulnerability over the BJP’s future splendidly. The BJP’s turned into the cause all its own problems. It’s miserable that India has neither a definitive government nor a solid Restriction. On the off chance that the BJP tries to win the 2014 general surveys, it must fill in as a national gathering and not as a gathering of conceited people.

Anil Sharma, by means of email

Give Mamata a shot

With reference to Anirban Choudhury’s article The change and after (Center, May 13), it is mistaken to express that West Bengal boss priest Mamata Banerjee has neglected to bring ‘poriborton’ in the state. She has taken extreme measures against unlawful transients and has uncovered the UPA’s shortcomings. It’s nonsensical to anticipate that her should convey on every last bit of her survey guarantees in such a brief timeframe.

Ashok Puri, Delhi

It’s a great opportunity to ground computer based intelligence now

The article Get off the runway (Chanakya, May 13) mentions a precise objective fact that the legislature ought to concede that its center fitness is running the nation, not a carrier. Air India (artificial intelligence) is enduring today on account of our lawmakers’ defective strategies and articulate negligence for its staff. It is the correct time to pitch man-made intelligence to a private administrator and get rid of the idea of a national transporter, as flight serve Ajit Singh has recommended. The staff of man-made intelligence can’t be permitted to hold the country to emancipate. Aside from making burden travelers, visit strikes by pilots cost a bomb to the exchequer. The time has come to pull the attachment on computer based intelligence.

GK Arora, Delhi


I embrace Chanakya’s perspectives, who, thusly, concurs with the avionics clergyman’s proposal that a country as large as India needn’t bother with a national aircraft. The Maharaja’s obligations have heaped up throughout the years because of gross bungle with respect to progressive governments. It’s vain to ransom computer based intelligence with the ongoing Rs. 30,000 crore bundle, as the harm has just been finished.

V Subramanyan, by means of email


The administration is in charge of the present wreckage in the avionics area. Air India is running just on the administration’s bailout bundles. Visit strikes by its pilots and architects have conveyed disgrace and unsavoriness to the country. For what reason should the citizens’ cash be utilized to keep it above water? The administration must dispose of this trinket and spotlight on great administration.

Operation Tondon, through email

Kindly personality your dialect

This alludes to Indrajit Hazra’s article Crazy people (Red Herring, May 13). The utilization of a swear word in a presumed paper like Hindustan Times and by a fine author like Hazra is unsatisfactory. The writer ought to be cautious, as individuals from all age bunches read HT.

P Bisht, Delhi

It truly stimulates your interesting bone

Manas Chakravarty’s article It’s the plat of the day (Free Group, May 13) is unreasonably amusing for words. I burst out snickering at the disarray over Mahabharta and Mahabharata and the sharp title of Abul Fzal’s book – Ain-e-Potato-curry.

Bikash Chakravarty, by means of email

It’s an ideal opportunity to take a stab at something new

With reference to Karan Thapar’s article Under a spelling (Sunday Estimations, May 13), Thapar should put a conclusion to his faltering endeavors at awing perusers by expounding on the English dialect in the most dull and dreariest of ways. I trust he attempts to quit composition on points that don’t have mass intrigue. This is the third time over the most recent one year that Thapar has composed a dull article on a part of the English dialect, which, I accept, isn’t new a greater part of taught Indians. The writer ought to think about giving his section to an etymological researcher, who can instruct and engage perusers with other intriguing and lesser known parts of the dialect.

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